Liars, Cutthroats and Dames

from by Kathleen Dunbar

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Liars, Cutthroats and Dames
By Kathleen Dunbar
Copyrighted by Kathleen Dunbar

all the boys are dancing in their dreams, you see
they all believe they’re tall and fine and able
the women in their arms are captured by their charms
generalissmo is dining at their table

you like drinking gin, but the girl that you fell in with
drinks blue nightmare so you pour that in your glass
all the things said she stick like magnets in your head
you think of nothing else in the days that come to pass

you shoulda caught the train but you were praying – in your way
confessions to her eyes so deep and blue
pull the rope and ring the bell, the devil grins in hell
you know you’ve sold your soul and you’re dancing to her cue

laaa la la laaaai
laaa la la la la la la
laaa la la laaaai
laaa la la lai

and you’re saying – la la la
and you’re swaying – la la la
to the tune of the moon
when it’s tipping out it’s spoon
and it’s spilling all its silver
light around X X

it’s raining really hard and the boys are playing cards
you wish you’d never took the shortcut through the woods
she is storm, she is froth, she is the flame, you are the moth
she won’t recognize who you are when the bandages come off

she whispered in your ear come be my joy come be my pain
then she left you, oh! she went away
when the hole is deep enough, you shovel in the dirt
the passing of the years cannot cover up the hurt

laaa la la laaaai etc.

her name upon your tongue is like the secret word of god
though she’s gone she burns your mind, she burns your skin
you feel like putting poison in the cake you bake for you her
but to kill her indirectly’s such a sin

if I could play the host I would have everybody here
the liars and the cutthroats and the dames
the party’s just begun, OH HOH it is such fun
with a hand upon the gun you cannot help but taking aim

I know you like I know myself, my boy I have the cure
you’ll be quick, you’ll be discreet, you’ll slip away
no one cares, you’re all alone, your chips are down, your bones they groan
just give into the urge, it’s only hell you’ll have to pay

laaa la la laaaai etc.


from Liars, Cutthroats and Dames, released August 4, 2017
Kathleen Dunbar/songwriting, vocals. Gawain Mathews, guitar, electric bass, percussion, piano. Kyle Caprista/drums. Rich Armstrong/trumpet.



all rights reserved


Kathleen Dunbar San Francisco, California

You may notice my songs are about angels and devils, birth, life, death, about creation and crumbling destruction—the troubles we humans get ourselves into and the choices we make—some of them funky, some of them ending in the dark, others rising into the light of morning. Touching, humorous, spellbinding storytelling—my songs brings you into the irony, the tragedy, and the possibilities of life. ... more

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