Baby Put Your Red Shoes On

from by Kathleen Dunbar

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Baby Put Your Red Shoes On
By Kathleen Dunbar
Copyrighted by Kathleen Dunbar

when I lived by the traintrack
I loved the traintrack man
now I’m livin by the cookhouse
we’re cookin every time we can …..
servin me up breakfast
at least as much as I can stand

I used to pray for comfort
down on my knees
you know when you’re lonely
and you’re wantin that release …..
but it ain’t worth the trouble
now I’m doin what I please

come on pretty baby
baby put your red shoes on
come on pretty baby
baby put your red shoes on
we’re gonna keep on dancin
keep on dancin till the dawn

I can’t back to Olema
cuz of what I done
you know I couldn’t help it
I was only havin fun … hm
yeah the gossip tongues a’waggin
and they got me on the run

he said baby won’t you meet me
at the Pillowtalk Motel
he said you can’t resist me
so you know I went and fell, in …, yeah
oh the fireman’s a’comin
and he’s ringin on his bell


my heart is breakin
you know it’s breakin with the pain
the company I’m keepin
yeah I know I can’t complain …..uh-uh
the tears I am cryin
they all meltin in the rain

a man tells you that he loves you
sweet-talkin’ voodoo
don’t believe what he’s sayin
it’s a lotta hoo-doo-doo …..doo, doo
gal, the medicine you’re needin
is to tell him that you’re through



from Liars, Cutthroats and Dames, released August 4, 2017
Kathleen Dunbar/songwriting, vocals. Gawain Mathews/guitars, electric bass, banjo, washboard. Kyle Caprista/drums. Eric Levy/piano. Rich Armstrong/trumpet.



all rights reserved


Kathleen Dunbar San Francisco, California

You may notice my songs are about angels and devils, birth, life, death, about creation and crumbling destruction—the troubles we humans get ourselves into and the choices we make—some of them funky, some of them ending in the dark, others rising into the light of morning. Touching, humorous, spellbinding storytelling—my songs brings you into the irony, the tragedy, and the possibilities of life. ... more

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